Hearing Aids We Carry

Do you know which device is right for you? We can help.

At Harbor Hearing, our goal is to help you find the right hearing aid that fits your type of hearing loss, lifestyle, and needs. Whether your kind of hearing loss requires specific device features, or you simply want to make a budget-conscious decision, we have the solution for you!

There are a variety of hearing aid brands available, and we offer the following hearing aid manufacturer options in our practice:

Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon More™

Introducing Oticon More™, the world’s first hearing aid with a Deep Neural Network trained on 12 million real-life sounds. Oticon More gives your brain more of the information it needs to decipher the intricate details of relevant sounds. Enjoy better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more, even in noisy environments.

People with hearing loss who don’t use hearing devices have a higher risk of dementia. Oticon More™ with BrainHearing™ technology is a revolutionary hearing solution that gives the brain more of the relevant information it needs to make better sense of sound. You get better speech understanding with less effort and the ability to remember more.

More connections. More conversations. More life. With an on-board Deep Neural Network trained on 12 million real-life sounds, Oticon More™ works more like how your brain works naturally, because it learned through experience. You benefit from improved speech understanding with less listening effort and the ability to remember more.

Oticon Own™

The world’s first in-the-ear hearing aid with an on board Deep Neural Network.*

* DNN is only available in Oticon Own 1, 2 and 3.

Oticon Own is the first custom hearing aid that works more like the brain because it learned through experience thanks to an on‑board Deep Neural Network.* The DNN was trained on 12 million real‑life sound scenes so it could learn the way the brain does — through experience. This life‑changing technology creates contrast between sounds, making it easier for your patient’s brain to separate sounds.

We find that patients see immense success with Oticon products. To learn more about their full lineup of hearing aids, visit their website here.

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak Audéo™ Lumity - Conversations shine with Lumity

Introducing Audéo Lumity with unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology for improved speech understanding. Fully immerse in conversations around you and enjoy easier hearing in many situations.

  • Available in a range of colors.
  • Improved speech understanding in noisy environments.
  • Reduced listening effort.
  • Universal connectivity to iOS®, Android™ and other Bluetooth® enabled devices.

Virto P

Rediscover the sound of Paradise

Custom-made, Virto Paradise fits your ears and delivers an unrivaled** hearing experience to enhance your lifestyle.

Stay confident and connected

With Virto P-312, you can enjoy universal connectivity to keep up to date with your busy life. Virto P-312 connects to smartphones, TV, Roger and more.

Plus, you can easily switch between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth® capabilities and enjoy multiple Bluetooth® connections.

To learn more about their products, visit the Phonak website here.

ReSound Hearing Aids

Think of everything you want in hearing aids combined with all you love about earbuds. The advanced hearing technology from ReSound comes carefully crafted in a rechargeable earbud design. Best of all, with custom made hearing aids, you get a natural sound experience fitted to your individual needs. This allows you to hear in noisy environments, easily join in conversations, and recognize where sounds are coming from – all while reducing annoying sounds like wind noise. With Customs by ReSound, users enjoy:

  • All-day comfort
  • Weatherproof and sweatproof hearing aids for continuous wear and easy cleaning
  • Rechargeability with up to 24 hours on one charge
  • Direct streaming calls and music from iPhone ® and iPad ® or Android™ smartphones
  • Hear in noisy environments
  • Easily join in conversations and get all the details
  • Recognize where sounds are coming from
  • Reduce annoying sounds like wind noise


Surround yourself with what you love

Life is full of details and conversations around you that enrich everyday moments, but can you hear them through the other sounds? Now you can with ReSound OMNIA which is made for hearing in noise. Greater than ever, enabling you to hear speech in noise in any direction*. It all sounds and feels natural and connects you naturally to the world.

With ReSound OMNIA, now you can:

  • Hear your best in noise
  • Enjoy sounds from all around you
  • Sound like yourself, hearing your own voice as you know it
  • Have crystal clear phone calls and direct streaming from your favorite devices
  • And more!

To learn more about their products, visit the ReSound website here.

Signia Hearing Aids

Some of their most popular Signia products are: Styletto, Charge&Go and Silk. Offering a seamless transition for first-time hearing aid wearers, their advanced technology is housed inside an ultra-efficient unit. Bluetooth connectivity and a multitude of smartphone apps creates an enjoyable experience from the moment you insert your devices.


Styletto X transforms the outdated image of hearing aids into highly sophisticated hearwear™. Pure in design, sophisticated in form, its graceful lines, refined fit and true-to-life hearing experience mean you feel the difference as soon as you slip it on.

The pocket-sized portable charging case is the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology, enabling you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the mains. Styletto X meets all your hearing needs and offers best speech comprehension even in noisy environments.


With the revolutionary Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids from Signia, you can move to your heart’s content and hear everything and everyone important to you in crystal-clear sound quality. Thanks to their game-changing acoustic-motion sensor technology, Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids understand your personal hearing environment in greater detail than ever to deliver sound precisely tailored to you.

You can charge up the longer-lasting Pure Charge&Go X hearing aids fully while you sleep so that they are always ready to go when you are. Thanks to the hearing aids’ clever little charger, you never have to worry about changing batteries again. It delivers a full day’s ultra-durable hearing performance.


Be Brilliant™ with Signia Silk X. Your nearly invisible ready-to-wear hearing experience!

One of the world’s smallest hearing aids, Silk gives you the confidence of knowing that no one even notices you’re wearing them. All models sit discreetly inside your ear.

Thanks to Signia‘s TeleCare remote support, you can get direct help from your hearing care professional via the Signia app on your smartphone. Wherever you are. You can control the volume and other settings discreetly via the Signia app or the miniPocket on your key ring.

Visit their website here to learn more about their products.

Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton manufactures a variety of styles that meet the needs of patients around the world. Focusing on devices that offer a natural hearing experience, their hearing aids and accessories make hearing easy again.

Some of their most popular products include: MyCore and Essential E1 but they really pride themselves on their TruCore™ technology. Rexton’s products work with your environment to reduce echoes, improve the quality of sound, and allow you to easily hear no matter where you are. You can also use your smartphone to adjust your settings with ease and enjoy their small and discreet designs that enhance the quality of your life.

To learn more about their line of hearing aids, visit the Rexton website here

Sonic Hearing Aids

Sonic has become a preferred provider among healthcare professionals and patients alike. They recognize that each instance of hearing loss is as unique as the person it affects, and their devices offer state-of-the-art features that enhance the wearer’s quality of life every day.

Building upon their Speech Variable Processing and SoundDNA platforms, Sonic’s products use binaural technology to create natural sounds that dynamically adjust to your changing environment. Some of their most popular products include: Captivate, Enchant, Celebrate and Cheer (their Journey hearing aid is for profound hearing loss).

Wireless connectivity makes wearing a Sonic hearing aid a pleasure. By connecting to your television, radio, and mobile phone, you have the option to easily enjoy your favorite activities once again. A range of wireless accessories utilize Sonic’s innovative technology and pair seamlessly with your hearing aids. For quality hearing devices that are discreet and easy to use, visit Sonic’s website today.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Livio Edge AI

The power of artificial intelligence is at your fingertips with Livio Edge AI, giving you never-before-possible sound performance in the most challenging listening environments. Choose from a standard rechargeable style — or the world’s first custom rechargeable hearing aid — and give yourself the edge you deserve!

The world’s first and only 2.4 GHz custom rechargeable hearing aids, you won’t find any other wireless custom hearing aids that are. No more batteries to fumble with or buy. No more wondering if your hearing aids will run out of juice at an inopportune time.

Instead, you get the convenience of hearing aids you can charge overnight, then can go about your day confident they’ll stay powered until you go to bed.

Custom Livio Edge AI hearing aids deliver incredible sound, so you can stay engaged and a part of conversations, events, and everyday activities.

They connect to your smartphone and TV, to keep you on top of news and information (and keep you entertained and distracted, which is important, too).

They are custom molded to fit your unique ear, so you can comfortably and confidently wear them all day long.

And they’re rechargeable, so when you do wear them all day, you don’t have to think twice about them.

Picasso IIC

The Picasso IIC custom hearing aids deliver the most personalized hearing experience ever, and are designed to:

  • Deliver superior sound quality and listening clarity.
  • Sit completely in your ear, so they won’t get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks.
  • Provide effortless transitions as you go about your day. Picasso delivers solutions you want. An invisible and custom fit.

Personally customized for all-day comfort.

Easily adapt to new sounds. Gradual adjustments to help your brain get used to new sounds.

Better wireless streaming.

Consistent wireless performance streaming TV, music, and other media. A comfortable, personalized listening experience.

Distortion-free listening comfort for loud sounds and ultimate clarity for soft sounds. No buzzing or whistling. Feedback-free, comfortable listening all day long.

Listen to music the way it was meant to be heard.

Hear every note the way the artist intended – with pure, refined sound quality. Customizable tinnitus relief. Advanced technology brings relief to those who suffer from ringing in the ears.

Learn more about their hearing aids by visiting their website here.

Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is always looking to the future when developing their next products. They place a strong emphasis on creating hearing aids that patients will be proud to wear and that enhance the quality of their day to day lives. So, it may not come to a surprise that Unitron has won multiple awards for their compact and user-friendly designs.

Whether you have mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss, Unitron has a product to meet your needs. They’ve integrated rechargeable battery designs to make your experience even easier, and with the world’s smallest behind-the-ear device available, patients know they can get the power they need without having to worry about performance.

Several product lines are available to meet your specific hearing needs.

Some of their most popular products include Moxie, Stride and Insera.

Offering flexibility and allowing for choice of size, function and features based on your client’s needs and preferences, Insera ITEs provide:

  • A custom design to fit your client’s ears.
  • Multiple sizes and styles, including our smallest, most discreet hearing aids on the Blu portfolio.
  • A personalized hearing experience by providing the size and features that best meets your clients needs and preferences.
  • A good solution for your clients when dexterity needs to be considered.

There are options to connect to any smartphone, not just an iPhone®, you can enjoy wireless streaming anywhere, anytime! To learn more about Unitron, visit their website here.

Widex Hearing Aids

Moment Sheer

We believe that it’s possible to give you a sound so natural that you will be simply amazed from the very first moment. How? With Widex PureSound™.

Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound. But now, with Widex Moment Sheer and PureSound, you can hear every moment like you used to.

We believe that it’s your life that should dictate how you hear, not your hearing aid dictating how you live your life. That’s why, with Widex Moment Sheer, we’ve added more parameters to our AI-powered Widex MySound™ technology – giving you more control over how you choose to hear whatever situation you find yourself in.

When you’re unwilling to compromise on sound, why should you be expected to compromise on design?

That’s why, with Widex Moment Sheer, we’ve united our entire flagship range of products under one refined design philosophy. Every Moment hearing aid, its charger, and jewel case, along with Widex TV Play, have a premium design that brings their aesthetic impact in line with their audiological excellence.

Visit their website to learn more about how they can help with hearing loss.

At Harbor Hearing our goal is your satisfaction. Every pair of hearing aids we offer is accompanied by a money-back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose. With a risk-free trial period that allows you to test them out in a variety of situations and environments, we’re sure you’ll find devices that you love. Your success is our success!

Better hearing can happen - but only if you take the first step!